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Agree Market, Purchasing and Selling Solutions for Agricultural Products

Agree Market is a web-based platform to facilitate the transaction process of agricultural commodities with a B2B scheme between off-takers and MSMEs, HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant & Café), Enterprise, Start-Ups and Supermarkets (both traditional and modern markets). Products traded are agricultural products, protein, and kitchen ingredients. In addition, we also try to meet the needs of agriculture for machinery, farming crops, and land. Agree Market B2B tries to ensure the security of transactions carried out by knowing the Legality of the Company, both the seller and the buyer. Payments are made using a Payment Gateway. In addition, there are logistics to deliver goods and reach their destination. In addition, there is a Price Negotiation feature in the B2B Agree Market to provide the best price agreement between the seller and the buyer.

Partnership with Agree Market

The Agree Market platform is committed to making it easy for you to make buying and selling transactions. The Agree Market platform has an easy registration system with a simple interface and is free of charge. In addition, the Agree Market platform has a sophisticated verification and validation system at the time of registration to ensure that you make transactions safely, comfortably and securely.

What are you waiting for? Promote your best products and fulfill your food business needs on Agree Market!

Agree Market Benefits

  • a. Various Product Categories. The Agree Market platform has a complete product category which includes agricultural products, livestock, kitchens, agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery, and agricultural crops. The Agree Market Platform also provides land categories buyers can buy/sell or rent/lease. In addition, the Agree Market platform offers simple and easy-to-view navigation pages and product category catalogues. As a result, buyers can easily choose the product they need.
  • b. Negotiation. The Agree Market platform provides ease of transaction for buyers and sellers by negotiating product prices and shipping prices. Buyers can submit product and shipping prices as desired until "It's a Deal!". Then, the seller will give the best price the buyer wants so that the transaction will be more exciting and provide a unique online experience.
  • c. Security and Ease of Payment. The Agree Market Platform is committed to providing the best service to buyers as a place to do a transaction. Therefore, the safety and comfort of payment are highly considered. Payment security on the Agree market platform is guaranteed safe because it uses a sophisticated payment gateway system. Various types of payments facilitate transactions ranging from transfers through banks in Indonesia and credit cards to digital wallets.
  • d. Transaction Termin. Purchases can make transactions with the due date of payment agreed by the Termin buyer and seller.
  • e. Seller and Buyer Legality. The Agree Market platform is committed to providing buyers and sellers security and convenience in conducting transactions. The Agree Market platform verifies and validates Sellers and Buyers who register on Agree Market so that the legality of Sellers and Buyers is trusted.